Stunning Sebastian Vuilluame violin

This stunning ┬áback is from a violin by Sebastian Vuilluame…. and shows the hand of his protoge and successor Nestor Audinot. Sebastian is the nephew of the great J.B. Vuilluame… and , interestingly, married the daughter of Dominique Peccatte. This is very much in the tradition of French makers and dealers….where the illustrious head of the shop often doesn’t actually make the instrument. Typically there are ┬ánumber of craftsmen involved with the finest instruments made by the premier artisans…with sometimes ( as in JB Vuilluame’s case) the master varnishing the finer instruments. Nestor Audinot was the premier worker for S Vuilluame, and even eventually took over the shop upon the death of S. Vuilluame.

I am proud to offer this crisp, stylish violin for sale.

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