Fine Cello by Joseph Bassot Paris 1790’s

I’m proud to offer for sale this beautiful Old French Cello by Joseph Bassot. I’ve known the Cello and the Cellist for many years …first at Wm Moennig & Son( where we sold it to him) and in the years since then.   I,ve had the pleasure to work throughly on the Cello both inside and out, over the years.    Its branded on both sides of the Pegbox and in the center of the back. Basset was born in the Provencial violin making town of Mirecourt and worked there until the 1770’s when he moved to Paris….became inspired by what he saw in Paris.. and began to produce the work which we justly esteem him today. The Cello does strike a beautiful balance between the charm of Mirecourt with the more sophisticated sensibilities  and details of the the Parisan world.On top of that….one can only imagine that Paris in that time of Revolution must have been a tumultuous  climate to work at all..

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