Preparing 2 beautiful 3/4 violins

I’m bringing along 2 beautiful¬† German 3/4 violins c.1930 that will be sent to Little Rock Arkansas. The player studies with Drew Irvin , Concertmaster of the symphony. I worked on these inside and out in the same way that I would to any violin that I offer for sale. In fact , I’ve learned over time to bring the same exacting approach to every instrument I take on….everything is an opportunity for magic. I have many 3/4 violins ( and cellos) to offer for sale …from more modest than these all the way to some very special 19th century instruments. I offer full trade in as the player moves upwardIMG_0327IMG_0326IMG_0330IMG_0329 (1)

Working on the cello to be played solo at state funeral

Spent an interesting day in the shop working on the cello to be played at the state funeral for the son of Vice President Biden. Interesting to quietly work on something that will be used in a vast, stately ,solemn event where the most important people in our world will be attending. It reminds me of the way that art begins in the silence and pushes out towards an end that you don’t often know….sometimes even dizzying heights….but wherever your work ends up contributing its spirit…for me it always grows out of the authentic , everyday and grounded work at the benchIMG_0324